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Herald of Truth Ministries, Inc. is seeking a visionary, committed Christian to lead the ministry upon the retirement of its current president in 2017. The goal of the ministry is to allow every person on earth multiple opportunities to hear, see, and experience the gospel of Jesus Christ, in their native language – every nation – every moment – every day.

The Herald of Truth was founded in 1952 as a local radio program and grew to include radio and television broadcasts throughout the United States. Today the ministry is focused on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through media, the internet, and evangelistic events across the globe. The organization operates ministries under the name Hope for Life and, sharing the message of a life of everlasting hope.

The president is the chief executive officer of the ministry, reports to the board of directors, and leads a team of staff members in the ministry’s office in Abilene, Texas as well as evangelists in other locations.

The president will be a consistent witness for Jesus Christ and a member in good standing of a local congregation of the church of Christ. The president will have earned a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university, however, a Master’s Degree is preferred, and have relevant business, nonprofit and/or ministry experience. The president will be a motivated, organized professional and an effective communicator with demonstrated leadership and management skills necessary to continue and expand the ministry’s work around the world. The president’s responsibilities include leadership and development of the organization; program and service delivery; financial and human resource management; and fundraising and public relations.

Applications, references, and any additional information should attached to an email and sent to Documents will be accepted until the position is filled.

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