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Individual Christians to be effective in sharing the story of Jesus in their own circle of influence.

And train congregations and church leaderships to answer the great commission in their own communities.

In evangelism ourselves by using technology, mission trips, evangelistic campaigns, International ministry, and both digital media and printed media.

At the Herald of Truth, we have one mission: Evangelize. Not only do we want people to hear the Good News, we want them to act upon it. We want them to spread the pathway to salvation. We want them to share the story of Jesus.

Herald of Truth Began in 1952

Founded in 1952, Herald of Truth has an illustrious past that began as a local radio program. When we entered the sixties, our programs could be heard on 238 radio stations and 50 television stations throughout the United States. In the seventies, our coverage grew to 468 radio stations and 152 television stations. Many of our broadcasters became household names in the Christian community. Men like James Walter Nichols, James Willeford, Harold Hazelip, Batsell Barrett Baxter, Glenn Owen, Juan Monroy, Landon Saunders, Phillip Morrison and Randy Becton. Today, their legacy lives on as Herald of Truth has greatly expanded its global reach. Our radio and outreach programs now extend across the globe.

Radio and Television

The Herald of Truth relies on mass media tools such as television, shortwave and radio to reach the millions of people who have never heard the story of Jesus. Seekers can safely hear God’s Word in their homes. Currently, the Herald of Truth broadcasts radio shows in Central America, and with help, we hope to increase the number of people both foreign and domestic that will hear the Good News through the radio and television.


The internet is an open door. The Herald of Truth has been in a unique position to provide an evangelistic website that can reach those individuals with whom the local church would not normally come into contact. As we start a dialogue with seekers, we connect them with local churches who provide fellowship and discipleship. For many years, Herald of Truth has provided stories and videos churches and individuals could use (or read for themselves) to find the hope of the Savior. In the near future, Herald of Truth is dedicated to increasing our presence on the world wide web and social media in order to share the story of Jesus Christ.

Evangelistic Events

The Herald of Truth team has traveled all over the world sharing the Good News. We have used face-to-face ministry with seekers in order to try to reap the harvest. In 2018 alone, Herald of Truth will have completed two domestic evangelistic campaigns (Wichita, Kan. and Dexter, Mich.)  and roughly 24 international campaigns in Cuba, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico and Spain. Last year, 49 new congregations were added to the Kingdom in Cuba alone. These evangelistic events have always been geared to teach others how to evangelize and share the story of Jesus.