One aspect of my job that I love is meeting young people at youth rallys and on university campuses. I am always impressed by the evangelistic zeal of these young Christians. Last year, we began to ask ourselves, “how can we evangelize college campuses through these students?” As a result, we established the Baxter Legacy Scholarship
as a part of our Mission: Evangelize America initiative.

When Bastell Barrett Baxter was working with Herald of Truth in the 60s and 70s, he made it a point to take young people on campaigns and equip and encourage them to share their faith in Jesus. We are establishing a scholarship in his name to follow his example.

This scholarship will be awarded to students who are dedicated to sharing their faith in Jesus on their college campus.
We have established an application and vetting process for those desiring the scholarship, as well as evangelistic training and accountability while in school. We believe this scholarship will make an eternal difference in the lives
of young people!

The question people have asked me since we announced this scholarship is, “How much is the scholarship and how many will you be awarding?” The answer to this question will be determined buy how large the fund becomes, and the size of the fund is dependent upon gifts from good people like you!

We would like for this to be a $1,500 annual scholarship. Meaning, a four-year student would receive $6,000
in scholarship money! We would also like to gift several of these each year. We believe if we invest in these students today, we are making a wise investment in the security of the church of tomorrow.

Will you help us fund the Baxter Legacy Scholarship?

You can give below to help us reach college campuses with the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

Can we count on you to help equip and encourage a few exceptional young people to share their faith in Jesus on their college campuses?

Thank you in advance!

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