When someone asks me what Herald of Truth is doing these days, I always answer with the same one-word answer: EVANGELISM!  For 69 years, we have worked tirelessly to share the gospel throughout the world and provide our brotherhood with evangelistic tools to reach the lost in their own communities. There has NEVER BEEN A GREATER NEED TO SHARE THE STORY OF JESUS. 


God has given Herald of Truth an open door in Cuba! Over the past 15 years, our Cuban Ministry Coordinator Tony Fernandez has been instrumental in the planting 51 churches of Christ in the Matanzas province. The people of Cuba desperately desire the Word of God, and Herald of Truth is committed to supplying Bibles to everyone who wants one.The Bibles cost approximately $5 each (including shipping)




This is one of those times that the old expression “no gift is too small” is absolutely true! Your gift of $5 can place the living Word of God in the hands of someone who is desperate for it, or you can provide more than one Bible. A gift of $500 would place the Bible in one hundred Cuban homes! Can we count on you to bless a hungry soul with the Word of God


If you are like me, you probably have more Bibles, in several translations, than you will ever read. I have Bibles rarely opened! This is not the case in Cuba, and getting a Bible in Cuba is not as simple as going to your local bookstore or ordering one online. The only way most Cuban’s will ever see a Bible is if it is given to them by a Christian. Will you prayerfully consider giving a Cuban (or multiple Cuban’s) a copy of God’s Word


You can give on this page, or you can send in a check to our address listed below and mark Cuba Bibles in the memo line. We will take care of the rest! We will make sure we have enough Bibles for anyone who desires one to receive it!

Lisa , I hope we can count on you to help in this special effort to feed hungry souls with the living word of God. Your participation will allow us to continue sharing the story of Jesus in Cuba!



Greg Swindle,

President, Herald of Truth Ministries


P.S. Five dollars may not seem like much, but it is all it takes to share the Word of God with a hungry soul in Cuba! Can we count on you?