If you are familiar with the mission of Herald of Truth, you know that for well over a decade the Opening Roads church planting project has planted 51 Churches of Christ in the Cuban province of Matanzas. This massive work is being led by Tony Fernandez, a man of God who has served as Herald of Truth’s Ministry Coordinator for Cuba since 1995. He and his team have identified 20 additional towns where they want to establish new churches by the year 2023.

Even though travel has been restricted this year, our outreach efforts continue to bear fruit. The Lea La Biblia radio program, hosted by Tim Archer and Bruno Valle, is heard weekly in most areas of Cuba via TransWorld Radio. Mail service is virtually shut down in Cuba right now, so we’re not getting the hundreds of letters that we normally receive. But we still get contacts, like Juan Luis in Camagüey, a radio listener who was baptized into Christ by local preacher Laudino Cruz.

Lord willing, Steve Ridgell and Tim Archer will be traveling to Cuba in December to carry some much-needed funds for the work there. Current political tensions make it next to impossible to send money electronically; the best way to get support to the Christians there is to carry it in, which we have not been able to do since February. Please be praying about this trip, that God will keep the doors open for travel and provide safety for those that go.

To fund this trip and the funds that Steve and Tim are taking, we need to raise $24,000 dollars in the 24 hours of Giving Tuesday, We do not have time to do the traditional mail appeal, so we need our friends who receive our emails to help with this goal.

We realize you get many Giving Tuesday requests, but we hope you will prayerfully consider partnering with us in this great effort.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Greg Swindle

President, Herald of Truth