Spiritual Milk – Bible Study

Jesus wants his church to be a people with a big front door and a small back door. He commissioned his church to preach the gospel to all the world, but what then? What happens to those who hear and obey the gospel? Do they grow? Do they remain faithful? Or, do they exit through the back door of the church building as quickly as they entered the front?

New Christians are babies. They need care, attention, and healthy food to ensure growth. They must not be left unattended or abandoned following their baptism. Baptism alone does not ensure salvation nor growth. Baptism is the beginning of a new life!

The lessons contained in this booklet are very simple. Nothing new! Nothing profound! These are just a good dose of the milk of the word. (1 Pe. 2:2). It is my prayer that these basic lessons will stimulate growth and diminish the size of the back door in your congregation.

SUGGESTION: Select thirteen mature Christians to teach the lessons contained in this book — one Christian teacher per lesson. “Baby Christian” will go to John Doe’s house to study lesson one the first week after baptism. The next week “baby Christian” goes to Joe Blow’s for lesson two. The third week “baby Christian” visits with Sam Deacon, who teaches lesson three. This format continues for three months or until all the lessons are completed.

BENEFITS: (1) Those who teach benefit from teaching. (2) More people will become involved in teaching and thereby gain confidence. (3) The baby Christian benefits from the study of the word. (4) The baby Christian is somewhat integrated into the congregation after being in thirteen different homes.
Let’s close the back door!

– Author Jack Reece

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This Bible Study series is provided by Herald of Truth with permission by Jack Reece..