Three Steps to Start Becoming a Stronger Christian

            Even though everybody knows they need to stop playing around with their Christianity and get busy growing it, most never will (Matt 7:13).  They’ll just keep putting it off, then they’ll die, and then whatever happens to them is up to the Judge.  If you think maybe you don’t want to run this risk, it’s time for you to get busy growing some spiritual muscles.  Here are three steps to follow to start becoming a stronger Christian:

1.  Stop procrastinating (obviously).  Get off the couch, get yourself in gear, set some goals, and go about making them into reality. If you’re wasting time playing video games, surfing the web, worshiping sports, or just stuffing your face, you’re a spiritual slob.  Don’t like being called a slob?  It only hurts when it’s true.  Knock it off and force yourself to get busy.  Push yourself into action.

2.  Read your Bible every day.  Open God’s word and let it work on you.  Put some effort into it.  If you think it’s boring, it just shows how JV you are.  It’s just like earning a spot on the varsity team.  If you want to play with the big boys, you have to spend time in the weight room, you have to study the play book, you have to get into shape.  You have to want it and you have to go at it with some fire.  On the other hand, the team will never miss you if you never try, so if it’s too much for you to read the Bible, just go away, you’ll never be a contender, please don’t waste our time.

3.  Pray regularly.  Reading God’s word and talking to him regularly brings about stupendous spiritual growth.  It forms a relationship between you and the creator that’s stronger than iron.   It also produces maturity, wisdom, judgment, and integrity.  Don’t be surprised when people gravitate toward you once you’ve devoted yourself to study and prayer.  Strange things will happen, such as others asking you for spiritual advice and guidance.  It’s easy for hurting, lost people to see when a godly, growing person has been reading and praying.

       Three steps.  Yes, it’s really that simple.  If you think you’re ready, go get it.  The whole Kingdom is waiting for you to begin.