Reading How to Study the New Testament Effectively

I recommend to you How to Study the New Testament Effectively by Guy N. Woods. (Gospel Advocate, 1992) This small volume packs a dynamic punch for Christians today by providing a framework for a consistent, personal Bible study routine.

It is said as he neared death, Sir Walter Scott called for his servant to bring him “the book”.  The servant approached the voluminous library and replied, “Which book?”  Scott boldly responded, “There is but one book.”  Do we feel the same way about the importance of the Bible?  We should handle the Word of God with great care and concern (2 Timothy 2:15) but due to how we prioritize, studying the Bible does not always qualify as essentially important.

Brother Woods points out many Christians are biblically illiterate due to lack of personal study.  In his poll, 33 percent did not know what books of the Bible contain the biography of Jesus and 25 percent did not know what year the Lord’s church was established. He suggests this trend may continue since 66 percent have never read the Bible through in their lifetime and 50 percent do not have a regular study plan.  His book looks to avert this crisis.

Woods makes practical points to help us improve as students. His ideas are so simply and sensible we wonder why we have not thought of these things before. He guides us to commit 15 minutes per day to study, do so under strict conditions and have the right tools for the job. The remainder of the book shares methods for interpreting scripture from which anyone can benefit.  In a short amount of time you can progress quickly as a student of the Bible. To this end, I recommend How to Study the New Testament Effectively by Guy N Woods, without reservation.

– James Farris, Herald of Truth Ministries