Walking with Jesus

What would you do if you know you only had one week to live?  Would you dwell on your regrets?  The things you did not do that you wish you had.  The things you did do that you wish you had not.  Would you try and get everything right in your life in a quick seven days?  Would you just continue living the way you always live?

I doubt I will ever know I am living my last week.  Covid-19, heart attacks, cancer, wrecks, natural disasters.  Any number of things could end my life quickly and with little notice.  Or slowly, but even then I might not realize I am at the end.

I want to live my life in such a way that my last week is like the rest of my life.

Just like Jesus.  He spent his life teaching the good news of the Kingdom and healing people (Matthew 4:23).  Look at the Last Supper.  Literally, the last supper.  Jesus knew what was about to happen.  He was about to die.  But he knew who he was (God’s son) and he knew where he was going (back to God).

So he washed his disciple’s dirty feet. 

And he took common bread and wine and taught about the good news of God’s kingdom.  Bread and wine.  Body and blood.  Remember him when you take that meal.  Remember the blood shed for the forgiveness of our sins.  Do it until he comes back to take us home.

I know who I am:  a child of God.  I know where I am going:  to be with God forever.  But until I do, I will take care of people and I will tell of the good news.

This week. 

And whenever my last week happens to be.

– Steve Ridgell, Herald of Truth Ministries