SOAR is a Seniors retreat designed to equip, encourage, engage, and energize senior Christians. This retreat will include times of worship, study, fellowship, and entertainment. Christians from all over the country are encouraged to come and take part in this exciting event!

This year’s theme is Reclaim the Flame! We will talk about what we need to do to reclaim the flame of evangelism. 

SOAR will take place at beautiful Pickwick Landing State Park in Counce, TN. Located two hours from Nashville and Memphis, Pickwick is noted for its beautiful lakeside location. Guests enjoy fishing, boating, golfing, birding, picnicking, disc golf, nature walks, and tennis. The park contains 1,416 acres of forested hills and hollows.

For more information, go to our SOAR webpage.

SOAR Refresh will take place at beautiful Retreat at Center Hill Lake in Smithville, Tenn. Located an hour and a half east of Nashville, the Retreat Center is noted for its beautiful lakeside location. The event will start with registration at 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 6 with dinner and the opening session to follow at 5 and 6 p.m. The retreat will run through noon on Wednesday, Nov. 7. 

The theme is Called….  We will talk about what it means to be called by God. 

Registration space is LIMITED. We have a limited amount of rooms at the facility, and the registration will be filled on first paid basis due to the limit. 

For more information, or to register, go to our SOAR Refresh webpage.


Truth Digital Media Radio is set to launch in the fall of 2023. This radio station will be a 24/7 internet radio station that will be heard all over the world whereever there is internet.

The station will be focused on evangelism. We will have sermons, podcasts, acapella music, Bible studies, verses of the day, devotionals and so much more. Watch for the launch of TDM, and share the word. Through this platform, we will ahve the chance to reach more people on the first day of broadcasting that we did in total of all the national radio and television broadcasts…combined!


The Herald of Truth is passionate about telling the story of Jesus around the world. For many years, the Herald of Truth has coordinated with mission works in foreign lands, and today, we are working directly in Cuba, Spain, Africa and Central America. We combine our efforts with local churches in these areas to share the Gospel and make disciples.

We conduct international campaigns, partner with local congregations and host other events that help reach the lost. We have sent Bibles in different languages all over the world so people can read the story of Jesus for themselves.

Find out more information here.


Herald of Truth has started Mission: Evangelize Spanish America.

MESA, as we call it, is taking the ideas from our MEA initiative and localizing them to fit Spanish America. The United States has about 41 million Spanish-speakers, and they need to hear the story of Jesus as well. Through MESA, we are working with, and want to work with, congregations that either already have a Spanish ministry or want to start one. We have one inspirational commercial already recorded, and we will have more in the near future.

See more here.

To find out more information about Herald of Truth, or to have one of our staff members contact you about setting up a church visit, planned giving or anything else, email us here. Thank you for taking the Great Commission seriously, and join us as we Share the Story of Jesus.