Reaching the Lost

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, this is for real. For as little as one dollar per person, you can share Jesus Christ! It is that simple and cheap!

Today, using technology, we have the ability to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to someone’s smart phone or device. And just as simple, they can respond directly to our website which shares the message of salvation. The website can also connect them to a local Church of Christ which will make contact and do the important follow up.

Starting in 2020, Herald of Truth is launching an ambitious 10-year plan to share the good news of Jesus throughout the USA. We will work with partnering local churches to broadcast inspirational messages through television, radio, print, the internet, billboards, bumper stickers, yard signs and more. Your gift can help make this vision possible.

Watch this video for more:

Help us with One for One

As the video said, for a family of four to eat at McDonald’s you can spend about $30-$35. For that same price we can reach about 30-35 people with the greatest story ever told!

Just one U.S. dollar gets the message to one person. How many people will you help us reach?

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