Evangelizing Like Jesus

Jesus was the premier Evangelist.  Nobody was more personal in sharing the message of Jesus than Jesus. This reminds us that “being evangelistic” is more than memorizing a technique and formally sharing it. At the very heart of evangelism is the need to naturally share the message within the context of authentic relationships, like Jesus who did so without partiality. (Matthew 4:12, 11:5)

His public ministry was filled with a colorful assortment of personal interactions. In Mark 4-5, He left a thriving ministry, went to one demon possessed man and worked to lift him out of bondage. In John 4, Jesus went to a Samaritan woman whose personal life was in shambles. He planted a spiritual seed that resulted in an ongoing harvest. (John 4:29-30, Acts 8:5-8) In Matthew 9:9-13, Jesus went to the Tax Collector, Matthew, and called Him to be an Apostle. Jesus always went to those who needed Him.

What do we learn from Jesus’ plan for evangelism? First, He developed meaningful relationships in a short period of time. Second, Jesus began with a person where they were. Third, He did not belittle others even when they had messed up their lives terribly. Fourth, Jesus was not prejudiced by social barriers. What does this mean for us?

Today we should express compassion, tenderness and desire everyone to come to Him. If others cannot see Jesus alive in us (Galatians 2:20) how can they be expected to trust our message of the loving Savior?

Today we should tell of God’s love. The reason for our motivation is obvious enough: We serve a risen Lord. But we must seek to be relevant and this comes by knowing we can share the eternal message of God’s love.  (John 3:16)

– James Farris, Herald of Truth Ministries