From the Cave Unto the Clouds

by Herald of Truth

From the Cave Unto the Clouds

 After having been sheltered for a five full weeks now, I have begun to think a little bit about how King David must have felt hiding in caves during those times he was trying to escape the wrath of King Saul. Giving some thought to isolation in a cave I remembered the times I have visited various caves and cautiously stepped underground experiencing a measure of anxiety at the thought of bumping into something that might be hidden in the shadows. 

Though we aren’t in the darkness of a literal cave, we might feel a little closed in as the world outside seems to have become unreal, so unlike anything we have ever known. A cave narrows and darkens the vision of most people. Although the tomb where Jesus lay wasn’t called a cave; perhaps it could be considered a shallow one. 

Those who had witnessed the promised Messiah hanging on the cross, probably dealt not only with the anguish of grief, but with the darkness of disappointment. Had they missed a key ingredient to the kingdom of God? It seemed to them that hope had died with the crucified man. Then the tomb! They could not see beyond the tomb. We, too, sometime deal with limited vision and cannot see beyond the “tomb” or the darkness of our cave. We find it difficult to understand the power of God or wrap our minds around His incredible plan to save us from eternal death by raising Jesus from the dead.

For us to catch the vision we need the power and compassion that was poured out on the cross and flows from the very heart of God. The vision we have for our lives may not be at all be the vision God has for them. Human limitation does not limit God’s vision for us.

In those times when we feel our “cave” is narrowing our vision and we feel we are closed in, let us look like David beyond the darkness of it and with our hearts and song soar unto the clouds and exalt mercy and truth. 

For Your mercy reaches unto the heavens, And Your truth unto the clouds. 

Psalm 57:10

-Kay Talley

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