Churches, Leaders, and Hard Decisions

by Herald of Truth

Churches, Leaders, and Hard Decisions

A few thoughts and observations about hard decisions during Covid-19.

It is hard to know exactly when and how to “open up” worship services.  Uncharted territory here.  There is no I Church 2:18 to use so every church leadership has to try and do what they think is best for their church.

Opening up now does not mean you love God more than the church that does yet feel comfortable opening.  Not opening up does not mean you love your neighbors more than the church that does not.  Spiritual, smart people in unique circumstances will make different decisions.  Talk about why your group is doing what you are doing.  Don’t be critical of those who see it differently.

It is hard to balance physical and economic needs.  Easy to say “life over dollars”.  Easier if you are still getting paid.  Not so easy if you are not working.  Don’t want to expose anyone to Covid-19 so let’s all stay home.  Don’t want to expose anyone to abuse or hunger so let’s all open up.  It is not as easy as some think it is.

Be careful about generalizations.  Medical personnel are heroic.  Some are overworked and exhausted during this time.  E.R. personnel.  ICU.  Floor nurses.  But when you eliminate elective or non-life threatening surgery,  you put a lot of OR people out of work.  So many nurses are working — and living — on 1/2 to 2/3 of their normal pay. Even when helping out in the ER and ICU. 

All of the introverted preachers that struggle with the people to people aspect of preaching have to loving this time.  All of the extroverted preachers are in agony.  Some extroverts just don’t preach as well on-line.  Some introverts preach much better.  So extroverts, you now understand how hard it is for the introverts during “normal” times.  And introverts, have a little compassion.

Big churches do virtual worship much better than small churches.  More resources. 

But small churches keep in touch much better than large churches.  Everybody knows everybody.

Some people have done really well being quarantined.   

Some people do not.

Maybe we are all trying.  Doing pretty well all things considered.  Even when we do them differently.

Show grace. 

I am not sure any of us can be confident we are doing everything exactly as Jesus would.

Let’s just try.    

-Steve Ridgell

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