He Knows Everything About Me

by Herald of Truth

He Knows Everything About Me. 

She was not the kind of person you would expect to have a religious conversation with.  After all, she had been married five times and now she was living with a man.  Maybe no one would marry her anymore.  Or maybe she was tired of the whole marriage thing at this point in her story.  She would not even fill her water bucket at the well with the other women in her village.  They would go to the well early in the morning while it was still cool.  She, however, showed up at noon.  Did the other women make her feel unwelcome?  Did she feel so bad about herself that she thought she was unworthy to be around the “good” women of the village.

Then one day Jesus was there.  Jesus, a religious Jew, and this Samaritan woman.  They talked about living water that would quench her thirst for something more in life.  She told him the Messiah would explain everything when he appeared.  Jesus told her that he was the Messiah, the one God promised to send to earth and save men from their sins.  

He let her know he knew about the men.  Knew everything she had ever done.  And was still willing to talk to her.  Still offered her living water.  Still offered to be her Messiah.  She was so astounded that she left her water bucket and ran to town to tell about this man who knew everything about her and still loved her.  This man who claimed to be the Messiah.

The whole town came out to talk to him because of her testimony, then ended up becoming Jesus followers because of what he said to them.  She brought them by her testimony and he taught them.

You can read this story for yourself in John, chapter 4.  You may think you have done things that make you unlovable to God.  Not true.  He knows you and loves you anyway.  Just like he did the woman at the well.

He wants to give you living water too. 

-Steve Ridgell

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