Pulling a Tooth and Learning about Jesus

by Herald of Truth

Pulling a Tooth and Learning About Jesus

My tooth has had a hard life.  Maybe it was too much chewing on things that were really too hard to bite.  I may have weakened it somehow over the years.  But it was really giving me a hard time.  Hairline cracks, the occasional abscess, an ache, or a sharp pain when I bit down on something.  

It was not as if I never tried to fix it.  I mean, after all, I wanted it to be different and better.  So my Dentist would file it down and smooth it up.  I got a crown.  Had a root canal.  Sometimes it would feel better for weeks or even months.  Until I got back into the old habits of chewing things I shouldn’t.

I finally decided I could not live with it like that any longer.  My Dentist agreed and guided me through the process.  He pulled the tooth.  Just took it out.  Gave me a new start.  Now we are putting in a permanent bridge.  It will look the same and function just like a tooth should.  It is amazing.  No more pain.  No more medicine.  No more wondering when it was going to hurt again.

Maybe you have had a tooth like that.  

Or maybe you have had a life like that.  It is just not working.  It may show up in addictive behaviors, or unhealthy relationships, or negative attitudes.  You have tried different things to do better but nothing lasts.  

Maybe it is time to do something radical.  Let the old life die and be born brand new again.  Have a new and better life.  The life you were meant to live.

Jesus can do that for you.  There are stories on this very site of people who have had their old lives made new by Jesus.

He wants to help you.

Let him.

-Steve Ridgell

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