There Is No Normal

by Herald of Truth

There Is No Normal

Shut down.  Self quarantined.  Social isolation.


Now there is talk of “opening back up” and returning to normal.  And a lot of talk about what the “new” normal might look like.


But there is no normal.  Never has been.  Nothing has been normal since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden.  Bad choices.  Bad consequences.  That is still how the world is. 


Sickness.  Corona, or a heart attack.  The Black Plague or cancer.  Whatever pandemic strikes next. 

Economic struggle.  Wondering where the next meal comes from.  Overwhelmed by bills.  Job loss.  Appreciating payment extensions while knowing the debt remains.  Depression.  Loneliness.  Addictions.  Bad choices and bad consequences.


Pain.  Work.  Lust, greed, ego.  That is the normal of this world.  And that will all be the same when this pandemic is history.


As the old saying goes… life is hard and then you die.  Truth. 


Flattening the curve may get thru this crisis.  Or a vaccine.  But it won’t change things.  People are made in the image of God and so you might see flashes of caring and doing for others.  But it is also a fallen world and so you will see selfishness and hate. 


This is not the world God intended and someday it will be different.  God saw to that when he sent his Son into this world to die for our sins.  Then raised him from the dead so death would be defeated.  Those of us who follow Jesus will see this world.


The day is coming when there will be a new normal.  No more pain, tears, or darkness, or sin.


Do you want to do something about the state of the world?  Share Jesus.  He changes everything.


If you are reading this and long to be part of a different world, I can help you with that.


Just let me know.


                                                                                                                                                                                     -Steve Ridgell

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