I Don’t Have All The Answers… And Neither Do You

by Herald of Truth

I Don’t Have All The Answers… And Neither Do You

There are clearly dangerous threats to our well-being during this pandemic.  I really think every elected and appointed political official is doing the best they can.  Local, state, national.  You may not agree with every decision, but do you actually think there is a plot by some to intentionally harm people?  Open up too soon and endanger lives.  Open up too late and crash the economy.  Easy choice.  Lives over money.  Unless you can’t eat because you lost your job.  Or your landlord forgave or delayed one month’s rent but he can’t go another month.  Now you have no home.  It is not as easy as many would have you think.

Church leaders are trying.  This is uncharted territory.  How to connect.  When to open up.  And how.  How do even do communion together?  And don’t think your leaders are not worried about building payments.  Your preachers know in the back of their mind that their salaries might be in jeopardy.  Crash the economy, crash the organized church.  But God will provide.  Just like I know he ought to, unless He knows better than me.  Oops. 

Parents are trying.  How do you help your kids choose faith over fear?  Are things really going to be OK?  Lots of stress in lots of close quarters. 

Physical danger.  Young, old, compromised.  They are still in danger.  Some old people have it and never know it.  Some young and healthy people get it and die within a week.  There are related issues also.  Wellness checks put off.  Doctor’s offices not seeing sick people.  Doing the best they can.

Emotional danger.  Tempers flairing.  Abuse.  Loneliness magnified.  Fear multiplying.  Worry.  Selfishness.  Jealousy. 

Sin.  Alcohol abuse.  Pornography. Anger.

Spiritual danger.  Loss of accountability.  Disconnected worship.  Realizing church is real but not like you have always thought. 

Here is the point.  Give grace.  We are all doing the best we can.  Christians should lead this.  So stop being so quick to blame those who do not do things as you would.  Show mercy and grace.  Forgive.

Spread Jesus.  Be Jesus hands and feet.  See with his eyes.  Love lots.  Give.  Talk Jesus.  Be nice.

Be like Jesus.

-Steve Ridgell

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