Asking God to Help Us See Opportunities

by Herald of Truth

Asking God to Help Us See Opportunities

I really want to make disciples of Jesus.  So one of my consistent prayers is that God will help me see and recognize opportunities to engage people about Jesus. 

There is a lot of talk in Christian circles these days about Covid-19 and an opportunity for a spiritual awakening.  That churches have a chance to really make a difference and reach people.  But here is the thing I see right now.  Churches are consumed with how to keep worship assemblies going during this time.  Lots of effort and thought about how to open up.  Even talk about what church should look like after this time of crisis.  And these should consume church leaders.  Still responsible for your flock.  Balancing risk and reward.  Figuring out what faith over fear looks like right now.  And in the middle of crisis management trying to think strategically about what church should be in the future.

So if this such a time of great opportunity for evangelism in the midst of a spiritual awakening… who is going to take advantage of it?  And do not say “as soon as we figure out how to get back to normal and get a plan in place we will reach out.”  If you wait for all that, you have missed the opportunity.

So maybe it is up to the people church.  You know… us.  You. 

So I have been asking God to help me recognize and act on opportunities to engage about Jesus.  My neighborhood has a lot of believers and a lot of nominal or non-believers in it.  Even some “used to be a believer” people.  Same as among my friends and family. 

Here are a few things happening in my neighborhood/family/friends circle that are opportunities for Jesus action.

We have a couple getting married.

We have a couple getting divorced.

We have an older couple struggling with physical and mental decline in one and the mate trying to provide appropriate care.

A family who really wants to be part of a faith community but does not have a clue where to go to church after things open back up.

Spousal abuse.


Economic pressure.  Not just behind in a few bills but in danger of losing jobs/businesses/houses. 

Waiting on Covid test results.


Addiction temptation/relapse/struggle/behavior.

Forced separation from family members in Retirement Centers or other facilities.

Heart issues.

Some of these are happening to believers and some are happening to non/used to be/nominal believers.

And they are all opportunities to engage people about Jesus.  Because in almost every one of these there has been Jesus talk already.

So I want God to help me recognize that the opportunity for spiritual renewal is everywhere around me.  See the opportunity.  Have the spiritual wisdom to know what to say and do.  Have the courage to act.

May God use us all to make disciples.

And by the way, if you are not happy about your relationship status with Jesus, let me know.  We can work on it together.

-Steve Ridgell

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